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Go Green with Tankless Heat

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Save in Energy Consumption with a Tankless Water Heater

These days we are bombarded with advertising about going green in a variety of ways. Just about everything for sale in the homeowner marketplace, laundry detergent, cleaning products and energy efficient light bulbs all the way up to major purchases, such as cars and trucks. You may have noticed on every new household appliance a light blue energy rating sticker that provides details about the product. The more energy efficient and kinder to the environment a product is, generally the higher price tag.

When it comes to heating and cooling your home, most homeowners have already taken steps to reduce the monthly energy bill. Whether it be replacing the insulation with modern materials to save heat and cooling losses, reducing the temperature a degree or two on your furnace, or in summertime setting the temperature a little higher for your air conditioning. All these steps are ways to reduce your monthly utility bill, but have you looked at your hot water heater as a means of saving the environment, saving energy or simply just saving money?

Most homeowners do not realize, but heating water is up to 30% of the average American home energy use.

At Tankless Industries, we strive to be as green as possible on our products and services, promoting a greener lifestyle with our employees and our customers. We want our carbon footprint to be as small as possible while promoting tankless water heaters as a means of lessening each customer’s energy consumption.

Is Your “Tank Style” Water Heater 3 Years Old or Newer?

Inquire how you may be eligible to receive a tax credit on your 3-year-old or newer conventional style water heater if you decide to go tankless today!

Go Green with Tankless Heat
Switch to a Tankless Heater for a $300 Tax Credit!

Tankless Tax Credit – Another Reason To Switch!

Homeowners who have made energy-efficient improvements, including an upgrade to Tankless Water Heater, may qualify for a $300 US federal tax credit known as the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. For a tankless unit to qualify, it must have a Uniform Energy Factor (UEF) of at least 0.82 – all condensing tankless water heaters and some non-condensing tankless qualify.

Effective Dates: December 31st, 2017 through December 31st, 2021.

For more information about this tax credit, as well as instructions on how to claim the tax credit, visit the Energy Star Website.

Product Qualifications and Credit Amount
•Product: Tankless Water Heaters
•Qualifications: Energy factor (EF) >= 0.82
•Most current Tankless Industries water heaters qualify

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